When choosing your lighting design, the style is delightfully up to you. Whether you prefer the clean, elegant lines of modern architecture, the rustic charm of farmhouse chic or nautical decor, your light fixtures can reflect your personal lifestyle while providing the dependable functionality you would expect from your lighting.

Peruse each collection and discover new favorites as well as your preferred go-to’s in interior and exterior lighting. Browse our online catalog or stop by Billows Lighting and Design Center’s lighting showroom and be assured that each light fixture we sell is solidly backed by a manufacturer’s warranty. Promising competitive prices, superior quality, and stellar customer care, our team will be available to help you find the lighting that suits your personal style.

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Popular Lighting Styles

Our lighting experts at Billows Lighting and Design Center understand that each individual has their own personal taste or style when it comes to design. Our goal is to help connect you with light fixtures that match that personal preference so your home or office’s design can look like one cohesive unit.

If you’re unsure what your exact style preference is, don’t worry! We encounter that issue a lot in our lighting showroom, which is why below, we’ve provided a breakdown of the two most popular lighting designs and styles that homeowners and commercial property owners tend to lean towards: contemporary/modern and traditional.

If neither of these still don’t fit your exact style preference, don’t hesitate to ask for help from one of our lighting experts — we can help you find a lighting style you’ll absolutely fall in love with!   

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Contemporary and modern lighting styles are more “modern” styles that highlight simplicity and comfort. Intentionally symmetrical and distinct, you’ll likely have a contemporary/modern preference if you like neutral colors, furniture made of natural materials and a clean, fresh appearance for your home or office.

Some main characteristics of this type of lighting style include a few of the following:

  • Dynamic designs
  • Trendy, unique light fixtures
  • Mixing lighting styles from different eras
  • Clean, straight and simple lines
  • Minimalism


A more refined and classic look, traditional lighting showcases both simplicity and elegant ornamentation. Traditional light fixtures highlight craftsmanship and elaborate details, and you’ll be drawn to this lighting style if you like aesthetics that are timeless and boast sophistication.

Some main characteristics of this type of lighting style include a few of the following:

  • Straight, sleek lines
  • Well-crafted, unique light fixtures
  • A focus on elegant, classy designs
  • Crystals
  • Light fixtures made of brass or gold materials
  • The appearance of candles/candle-styled light fixtures

Again, these are only two of many lighting styles that we carry at Billows Lighting and Design. Work with our team to figure out the best lighting solutions for your residential or commercial property.

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Nothing is more satisfying than optimizing the lighting in your home or office. Your everyday life will become clearer and brighter, and you’ll find your new lighting design to be both functional and beautiful.

Whether you decide to shop by style, shop by room or meet with one of our lighting experts to get help with your lighting design, we know we have light fixtures for everyone here at Billows Lighting and Design. Our 10,000-square-foot lighting showroom showcases more than 3,000 lighting products, and we’re known in the local community for our exceptional customer service.

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