As lighting consultants, we understand that the inherent function of lighting is to provide illumination in order to ensure easy use and safety. Because each room in your house has its own function and environment, your choice in lighting fixtures should support and enhance its use.

Navigating through each room, your choices in design can be as creative as you’d like, but for optimal use and enjoyment, we recommend the following:

Kitchen Lighting  

Though one of the most popular gathering areas in your home, your kitchen is generally viewed as a work space. Requiring both user-friendly spotlights and warm and inviting enhancements, your kitchen lighting fixtures should include overhead fixtures above island counters, sinks and stoves, general and accent lighting and undercabinet fixtures. Create your own personalized look with a combination of all.

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Bathroom Lighting

Chosen and arranged to ensure bright, flattering, shadow-free illumination, your bathroom lighting is unlike any other in your home. Though it’s important to provide vibrant light for shaving, makeup application and grooming, remembering to create a relaxed ambiance is equally important as your bathroom is often your last private retreat. Where mirror and theatrical lighting can provide the functional brilliance you need, overhead and accent lighting can add the warm appeal you’re looking for, creating a true spa experience.

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Bedroom Lighting

Subdued, romantic, and overall relaxing, the atmosphere of your bedroom should be only be enhanced by the lighting fixtures, never overpowered by them. When designing your bedroom lighting layout, keep in mind your lifestyle and bedtime habits. Do you prefer to read before you drift off? Or is your bedroom kept as a private oasis where sleep reigns as king? Offering a number of task lighting options through wall-mounted fixtures and overhead ceiling fans for ambiance and climate control, we can help you determine the perfect lighting design for each of your bedrooms.

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Dining Room Lighting

Offering so much more than your average ceiling fan or chandelier, our dining room options allow you to spotlight art and decor items and illuminate eating and task areas. Combining general light fixtures with accent lighting over a buffet, credenza or bar and undercabinet lighting in a favorite china cabinet or hutch can create an inviting, warm ambience fit for any guest or family member.

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Living Room Lighting

Every shared living space in your home probably already has its function. From the formal living room to the family den or basement, the lighting helps determine just how casually entertaining or elegantly dressed you want the room to be. Combine portable table and floor lamps with overhead lighting for fireplaces, bars, reading and TV and computer areas, while including spotlights for plants, art and decor.

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Outdoor & Landscape Lighting

Not only does outdoor and landscape lighting provide safety and security for you and your family, it can be used quite creatively to highlight the best areas of your porch, patio and landscape. With a wide selection of outdoor lighting options, including wall-mounted sconces, hanging lights, posts and path lights, we provide superior quality as well as fair pricing. Discover the beauty of your outdoor areas with a combination of the best in outdoor lighting.

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