If you’re in the process of building your home theater, you’ve probably already planned out your seating, the surround sound system, and the screen, but what about the lights? While lighting might not seem imperative in a home theater, it is vitally important. At Billows Lighting and Design, we can help you find the perfect fixtures for your theater to make the experience complete.

We have years of experience providing the highest quality lights to contractors and homeowners, and our showroom is full of the most exciting and modern lighting choices available. Whether you’re searching for the latest LEDs or a classic crystal chandelier, we’ve got it at Billows Lighting and Design!

Start with Ambient Light

Your vision for your home theater might be to only use it to watch movies or games, but you’ll quickly realize that it will become a gathering spot where you spend a lot of time doing other things besides watching your favorite movies. Ambient light allows you to use the room to have dinner or to spend time with your friends and family in a fun, comfortable setting. It also makes it possible for you to enter and leave the room without falling or tripping over any of your furniture.

Let Us Help!

Bring in pictures of any of the furniture and layout plans that you have so we can help you match light fixtures to the room. We’ve got the experience and the inventory to make sure that your ideas come to life.

There are tons of great options for fixtures: chandeliers, recessed lights, sconces, and track lighting. With our help, we can show you where to place them for the best light that won’t leave a glare on your screen and will help you create the right kind of atmosphere. Whether you’re trying to create a futuristic space, a man cave, or a classic movie house vibe, we’ll be able to find the right fixtures for you.

Quick Home Theater Lighting Tips!

  • Use dimmers. Dimmers allow you to perfectly adjust the lights for all viewing experiences.
  • Control the lights with a remote control. This makes getting up for snacks and breaks easier and safer.
  • Hang up your favorite movie posters or memorabilia. Make the space your own personal altar to your favorite directors, franchises, or teams! Adding some accent lighting around frames can help light the room and add a reverent ambiance.
  • Pitch black might not be better. By installing lights on the floor or dimming wall fixtures to a low level, you can better recreate a real theater experience and make watching TV and movies less disorienting.
  • If you have a bar area at the back of the theater, don’t forget to light it as well. We have modern and classic bar lighting that will create the vibe you want.

Come by or call us at Billows Lighting and Design in Berlin today to make your dream of a home theater come true! Our lighting and design experts are here to help you with any of your interior or exterior lighting and design needs.