It’s summertime, which means you’re probably using the outdoor spaces of your home more than you were in the cold, wintry months. If you’ve noticed your porch lights are a bit dim or your backyard patio could benefit from outdoor lighting solutions, we’ve put together three quick tips for optimizing your home’s outdoor lighting in this blog post.

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1. Properly light the spaces made solely for entertaining.

Make sure to properly choose outdoor lighting for the outdoor spaces of your home made for entertaining, such as a backyard patio or welcoming front porch. We suggest illuminating any furniture or areas in the space used for specific events.

For example, you can install an outdoor chandelier above any dining areas to add personal flair, or you can consider investing in outdoor table or floor lamps for a cozy outdoor seating area.

2. Put safety first.

Assume that most people who walk your outdoor spaces don’t know where all the cracks and bumps are. That’s why you should install safety lighting fixtures to illuminate any potential hazards, such as landscape lighting for illuminating unseen plants or path lights for any uneven steps.

3. Don’t forget about security lighting solutions.

Sufficient outdoor lighting can sway away potential hooligans from messing with things in your yard — or even with you. Place wall sconces or overhead outdoor lighting fixtures around the areas outside you utilize most, such as your front door or any side yard doors.

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