image of living room lighting

Lighting plays such an important role in our daily lives. It provides the light we need to see by so that we can accomplish all of the tasks that we love doing, such as reading, watching our favorite Netflix shows, or just having conversations over the dinner table. Billows Lighting and Design Company offers all types of lighting for your home or office space. Below, we’ll go over some of our lighting solutions for any room. Visit our lighting showroom in Berlin today!

Bathroom Lighting

photo of bathroom lighting

Your bathroom is one of the first rooms you visit every morning and one of the last places you visit before bed. Thus, it’s important to have a lighting solution that meets not only your needs, but also brightens your day and night. At Billows Lighting and Design Company in Berlin, we offer the perfect lighting solution for your bathroom. Learn more today.

Kitchen Lighting

picture of kitchen lighting

As the heart of the home, you need different types of lighting in your kitchen in order to accomplish all of the activities that happen there, from task to ambient lighting. Whether you help your kids at the kitchen table with homework, or you are cooking up a family meal, our lighting design specialists can help ensure your kitchen has the lighting it needs. Get in touch today.

Bedroom Lighting

picture of bedroom lighting

Your bedroom is so much more than a place to rest your head. You may read, work, and play with your kids here. The bedroom is a place where many memories are formed. Our expert lighting design team can help ensure you have the lighting solution you need, from wall sconces to recessed and track lighting, our team can ensure your lighting is perfect. Shop today!

Living Room

picture of living room lighting

You most likely spend a lot of your time at home in your living room. Whether you are watching TV or hanging out with friends and family, you need to ensure the lighting in your living room supports your activities. Our lighting design specialists can help. With years of experience in designing lighting around your needs, you can rest assured that your living room will shine. Get in touch for a free consultation today.


Our family-owned and operated lighting company is proud to serve the homeowners and businesses in the Berlin, New Jersey area with the lighting solutions they need. We offer all types of lighting to create a warm or cool ambiance, as well as different lighting features. Whether you are looking for a chandelier to add a touch to class to your dining room or you are looking for entryway lighting, such as a foyer pendant, we’ve got your needs covered. Shop with us today!