You may think a light bulb is a light bulb, but there is a difference, especially when it comes to light temperature, which is warm versus cool light. Top Rated Local® lighting experts in Berlin, NJ, Billows Lighting and Design Center offers both interior lighting and exterior lighting options, including bathroom lighting, kitchen lighting, and landscape lighting. We offer lighting consultations so you can pick the right light for your rooms. In this blog post, we’ll explain the difference between warm light and cool light. Contact us today!


Different light bulbs have different temperatures, which is important when choosing lighting for your room. Below are the different types of light bulb color temperature.

  • Soft white. This is the light that your traditional incandescent light bulb emits. Soft light is yellow light that immediately gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. This type of lighting is best used in rooms where you spend a lot of time, such as living rooms, bedroom lighting, dens, and libraries. Soft white is a warm type of lighting.
  • Warm-white. Warm-white lighting is a combination of warm, yellow lighting and bright white lights. Warm-white lighting is best used in rooms where you spend an adequate amount of time and the time that you do spend in that room, you want light to see by. Billows Lighting and Design Center in Berlin recommends this kind of lighting in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Bright white. When you need to see to work, bright white is your light of choice. Another combination lighting, this lighting is a combination of white and blue. This light is more energetic than the relaxing, soothing nature of soft white and is meant for work spaces, such as shops, garages, or a home office environment.
  • Daylight. The brightest lighting option of all, daylight lighting is perfect for reading or doing detail work like sewing or woodworking. Daylight lighting is more bluish and is a popular choice for vanities for women to apply makeup.

It’s important to consider the use of a room when choosing your lighting temperature, keeping it soft and warm light for relaxing activities such as watching TV or in your parlor area and installing cooler light in rooms you need to get work done in. Room temperature lighting can also set the mood. For example, bright cooler colors are great for offices, which give the rooms a clean, crisp feel, while warmer colors are great for restaurants that want to set a relaxing, engaging mood.

With our lighting solutions from Billows Lighting and Design Center in Berlin, you can even customize the lighting in your rooms. For example, you can choose a warm light for a beautiful chandelier in your living room, but install a cooler lighting solution for task lighting in a desk lamp.


If you find color temperature confusing, book an appointment with one of Billows Lighting and Design Center’s amazing lighting designers who can help you choose the color temperature of your rooms based on the room’s uses as well as which type of lighting will suit your needs the best. We offer the best interior lighting solutions to meet your needs, from floor lamps, table lamps, sconces, and LED fixtures. Visit our lighting showroom today!