Even in the busy age that we live in, we still love the times when we get to sit down around the dining room table and enjoy a meal with our family and friends. If you just moved into a new home or you’re about to start remodeling your dining room, you’ve probably thought a lot about how your new lighting will affect the atmosphere. In this blog, we will cover some of the basics that you should know in order to start looking for the right lighting fixtures to make your dining room as good as you always imagined it could be.

At Billows Lighting and Design, we carry almost every kind of lighting fixture that you can imagine for any room in your house. We also have a wide range of exterior lighting, including sconces and lanterns to make the outside of your home look better and feel safer. Stop by our showroom in Berlin to see what we have and to ask our lighting experts any questions about your lighting options!

Your Home Decor and Your Lighting Should Be Complimentary

This may sound obvious, but if you find some lighting fixtures that you really like, you might not think too hard about whether or not they match the rest of the decor in your dining room. While there’s absolutely a little room to clash fashionably, some things just don’t work together. If you have a unified aesthetic vision for your dining room, bring pictures of the decor to our lighting showroom in order to make sure everything works in harmony.

Chandeliers Don’t Have to Feel Stuffy

For a lot of people, chandeliers conjure up one of two images: a stiffly formal setting with 20 different pieces of flatware and a priceless crystal chandelier hanging overhead, or abandoned, haunted houses where cobweb-clogged chandeliers rock and creak. One of the greatest advancements of modern lighting is the ability for companies to make chandeliers in almost any shape and size. There are sleek, ultra-modern chandeliers that are a perfect match for minimalist spaces as well as chandeliers that mimic the organic world in order to fit into spaces that boast more rustic decor.

Modern chandeliers and linear suspensions are found in many sizes and with different bulb types that will fit the styling of any room. We recommend using dimmers with any kind of chandelier so you can perfectly set the mood for any occasion and to hang these fixtures between 30 and 36 inches above your table.

Accent Lighting Can Make a Dining Room Perfect

While a chandelier provides ambient light (a kind of light that is used to provide the room with a general wash of light that makes it possible to use the room for most purposes), accent lighting is any lighting that is used to call attention to something in a room. You’ll often find accent lighting near framed art and photographs or other elements of the room that you want to call attention to. In your dining room, accent lighting works well to add some fun to your dinners by letting you fine tune the light to fit the mood even better than with just a chandelier on a dimmer.

If you’re ready to get started on planning your lighting for your dining room, Billows Lighting and Design can help. We have years of experience in the industry and we have an unbeatable selection of lighting fixtures for every room of your house. Stop by our showroom soon to get some great lighting ideas and advice from our staff full of passionate lighting experts. We’re Berlin’s favorite lighting showroom for a reason — come see why!

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