Light, either natural light or artificial light, always cheers up your mood. In fact, the more light you have in your life, the happier you’ll be. That’s why it’s so hard on cloudy days to be in a good mood. Billows Lighting Design Center in Berlin specializes in interior lighting. From bedroom lighting to kitchen lighting, we offer ceiling lights and ceiling fans, lamps, and wall sconces. In this second part of our blog series, we’ll offer up more tips on how to light up the dark rooms in your house. Visit us online today!


  • Capitalize on the glass effect. Similar to the mirror effect, the glass effect can amplify the light that is in your space. Being transparent, glass will let in any and all light sources, which is useful to keep light moving throughout your home. Investing in glass objects in your space is also a great help. Consider glass tabletops, acrylic chairs, or glass end tables to make your space brighter.
  • Paint your walls. Light paint colors will make your room feel lighter, even if it’s not. However, some paint still absorbs light, so be sure to choose paint you know does not. Examples of this type of paint include gray and white, light brown, and rust colors, which will help your space not only feel like it has more light, but your space will also feel warmer and more inviting as well. Don’t forget your accent pieces: ceilings and trim are great areas to brighten up your space, as well as adding in throw rugs. Pairing neutral colors such as tan and beige with dark furniture will add light as well.
  • Always pair a dark with a light. If you have beautiful wood-paneled ceilings or walls, make sure you paint the other surfaces a lighter color. If every surface in your space is a dark color, your entire space will feel claustrophobic and uninviting. In your kitchen, if your cabinets are dark, consider lighter kitchen countertops and appliances. Don’t forget our trick in our previous blog of using shiny metal as well in your kitchen to reflect light.
  • Add more lighting. Small, accent lighting such as pendant lights, wall sconces, and small chandeliers are a great way to, well, make your space brighter. Billows Lighting Design Center in Berlin offers lighting solutions in all styles to fit your lighting design needs. From flush ceiling lights to modern lamps, we have all your lighting needs covered.

As the Top Rated Local® lighting experts in Berlin, NJ, Billows Lighting Design Center offers interior lighting and outdoor lighting. Not only can we make all your dark spaces shine, but we can also make your backyard bright when the sun sets. Hanging lights and path lights make your flagstones easy to see. Choose from traditional lighting to Victorian lighting and Mica lighting. We have the lighting style to meet your needs. Visit our showroom, or make an appointment with a lighting design expert today!