When you’re updating your lighting, one type of light that is overlooked and underappreciated is the pendant light. Not only can pendant lighting be used as accent, task, and general lighting, but it also hangs from the ceiling, leaving you with plenty of floor space to use at your discretion. At Billows Lighting & Design in Berlin, we have a variety of lighting to choose from. Whether you are looking to update the lights in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or hallway, you’re sure to find a fixture that you can’t live without in our showroom. If you need help finding the right lighting for a specific room in your home, visit our lighting showroom where one of our experts can guide you along the right path. For Top Rated Local® lighting experts you can trust, call Billows Lighting & Design or visit our showroom today!

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lights are popular for task lighting, but more recently people have started using pendant lighting in exchange for chandeliers for a more modern-looking home. Truth be told, there are many different uses for pendant lights, and they work well in almost every room of your home. In today’s post, we will take a look at four rooms where you might consider finding a place for some pendant lights.


Your kitchen is one room in your home where pendant lights make the most sense. If you have a large, open kitchen with a lot of counter space, it can be difficult to light every surface for optimal use. Pendant lights make a great addition to your kitchen because they can act as task lighting for counters and islands that need more light. Nobody wants to be cutting vegetables or working on homework in the dark, and general lighting can only cover so much surface area. To make sure your kitchen has the adequate lighting that it needs, pendant lights make an excellent solution!

Dining Room

Much like the kitchen, you can never have enough light in the dining room. This room’s entire purpose is for eating, and people want to be able to see their food. While you may choose to illuminate the room with just one light, you may find that a better solution could be to install a line of two or three pendant lights right above your dining room table. Installing multiple lights instead of one general light not only makes the room brighter, but it also gives a better focus on the central piece of furniture in the room.

Bathroom Vanity

When you light your bathroom, there are certain things you should keep in mind so that your bathroom not only looks good, but it serves its purpose. It’s important to keep in mind what tasks will be performed in the bathroom, such as general grooming or applying makeup. One area that could benefit from pendant lighting is your bathroom vanity. The vanity is used for various tasks like shaving, brushing teeth, and getting ready. Pendant lighting above the vanity will illuminate the area to make those tasks easier, as well as give your bathroom a more modern appearance.

Living Room

Large areas like the living room are easier to light if you break it up into sections. Flush ceiling lights make great general lighting, but if you really want to focus on a certain area like the couch or a reading nook, pendant lighting is great for honing in on those specific tasks. If the area requires more light than one pendant light can provide, try a selection of three pendant lights hanging at different levels. This grouping will not only give you the desired illumination, but it will add an artistic look to your space.

At Billows Lighting & Design, we have a variety of different lighting options to help make your home look its best while also allowing you to perform tasks and live your life as you wish. From pendant lighting or chandeliers to table lamps and more, we’ve got it all! If you’re looking to update the light fixtures in your home but you need assistance with picking the right ones, the professionals at Billows Lighting & Design can help. For Top Rated Local® lighting experts you can trust, visit our lighting showroom or give us a call today.

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