While the sun might still be beaming down and the smell of barbeques are still filling the air, fall is right around the corner. As much as we want to hold onto summer for as long as we can, it’s important to make sure you’re planning ahead for the cooler weather. By looking ahead and getting a jump start on preparing your outdoor space for fall, you will save yourself a lot of stress and last-minute scrambling in the chilly autumn weather.

As experts in the outdoor lighting industry, we at Billows Lighting and Design are here to help guide you in preparing your outdoor oasis for the chilly weather that will soon grace Berlin, New Jersey with its presence.

Inspect Your Lights

Oftentimes, people don’t even think about their outdoor light fixtures until they stop working. Whether you hosted events at your home all summer long or just relaxed outside during the evenings with your favorite read, chances are your bulbs and lighting fixtures need some TLC. Take the time, while it’s still warm in the evenings, to clean off any cobwebs or debris that may have accumulated over the summer months.

Night-Time Test

In addition to adding style and curb appeal to your home, outside lights are extremely important when it comes to the safety of your home. Take a few minutes after the sun goes down to inspect the effectiveness of your lights. If any bulbs are looking duller than others, we recommend changing those out before they bite the dust. That way, you will have the best visibility possible when the days become shorter so you can see any potential hazards after dark.
Pro Tip: While you’re checking your outdoor lights, keep in mind the temperature will be dropping in the upcoming months. We at Billow Lighting and Design suggest swapping out bulbs that won’t operate in the colder Berlin, New Jersey temperatures with LED bulbs. Need help finding a specific bulb? Our expert staff can help you find the bulb you’re needing. Give us a call today.

Bring Outdoor Lighting Fixtures Inside

While most outdoor lighting fixtures are able to brave the colder months, there are some fixtures you should bring inside to ensure they don’t break. Some fixtures to consider bringing inside until it warms up again are decorative stained glass fixtures. They are made of fragile material that might not be able to withstand the elements of Berlin, New Jersey and are safer inside for the time being. Another kind of light to consider bringing inside are solar-powered lights. Seeing as there is less direct sunlight during the fall and winter months, those lights are better equipped for spring and summer.

The quick and easy steps you take to prepare your outdoor area for fall will save you a lot of time, frustration, and money down the line. If you have any questions or outdoor lighting needs, turn to your local lighting specialists here at Billows Lighting and Design. Our expert staff is ready to help with any and all of your lighting needs.